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......@@ -1538,33 +1538,73 @@ type 0204, grid 5 mm</description>
<library name="mcp2515_2551_2562">
<package name="DIL18">
<wire x1="11.43" y1="2.921" x2="-11.43" y2="2.921" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-11.43" y1="-2.921" x2="11.43" y2="-2.921" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="11.43" y1="2.921" x2="11.43" y2="-2.921" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-11.43" y1="2.921" x2="-11.43" y2="1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-11.43" y1="-2.921" x2="-11.43" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-11.43" y1="1.016" x2="-11.43" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-180"/>
<pad name="1" x="-10.16" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
<pad name="2" x="-7.62" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
<pad name="7" x="5.08" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
<pad name="8" x="7.62" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
<pad name="3" x="-5.08" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
<pad name="4" x="-2.54" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
<pad name="6" x="2.54" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
<pad name="5" x="0" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
<pad name="9" x="10.16" y="-3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
<pad name="10" x="10.16" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
<pad name="11" x="7.62" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
<pad name="12" x="5.08" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
<pad name="13" x="2.54" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
<pad name="14" x="0" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
<pad name="15" x="-2.54" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
<pad name="16" x="-5.08" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
<pad name="17" x="-7.62" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
<pad name="18" x="-10.16" y="3.81" drill="0.8128" shape="long" rot="R90"/>
<text x="-11.684" y="-3.048" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
<text x="-9.525" y="-0.635" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
<package name="SO18L">
<wire x1="5.461" y1="3.7338" x2="-5.461" y2="3.7338" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="5.461" y1="-3.7338" x2="5.842" y2="-3.3528" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
<wire x1="-5.842" y1="3.3528" x2="-5.461" y2="3.7338" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
<wire x1="5.461" y1="3.7338" x2="5.842" y2="3.3528" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
<wire x1="-5.842" y1="-3.3528" x2="-5.461" y2="-3.7338" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90"/>
<wire x1="-5.461" y1="-3.7338" x2="5.461" y2="-3.7338" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="5.842" y1="-3.3528" x2="5.842" y2="3.3528" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-5.842" y1="3.3528" x2="-5.842" y2="-3.3528" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-5.842" y1="-3.3782" x2="5.842" y2="-3.3782" width="0.0508" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-5.842" y1="1.27" x2="-5.842" y2="-1.27" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-180"/>
<smd name="1" x="-5.08" y="-4.9022" dx="0.6604" dy="2.032" layer="1"/>
<smd name="2" x="-3.81" y="-4.9022" dx="0.6604" dy="2.032" layer="1"/>
<smd name="3" x="-2.54" y="-4.9022" dx="0.6604" dy="2.032" layer="1"/>
<smd name="4" x="-1.27" y="-4.9022" dx="0.6604" dy="2.032" layer="1"/>
<smd name="5" x="0" y="-4.9022" dx="0.6604" dy="2.032" layer="1"/>
<smd name="6" x="1.27" y="-4.9022" dx="0.6604" dy="2.032" layer="1"/>
<smd name="7" x="2.54" y="-4.9022" dx="0.6604" dy="2.032" layer="1"/>
<smd name="8" x="3.81" y="-4.9022" dx="0.6604" dy="2.032" layer="1"/>
<smd name="11" x="3.81" y="4.9022" dx="0.6604" dy="2.032" layer="1"/>
<smd name="12" x="2.54" y="4.9022" dx="0.6604" dy="2.032" layer="1"/>
<smd name="13" x="1.27" y="4.9022" dx="0.6604" dy="2.032" layer="1"/>
<smd name="14" x="0" y="4.9022" dx="0.6604" dy="2.032" layer="1"/>
<smd name="15" x="-1.27" y="4.9022" dx="0.6604" dy="2.032" layer="1"/>
<smd name="16" x="-2.54" y="4.9022" dx="0.6604" dy="2.032" layer="1"/>
<smd name="17" x="-3.81" y="4.9022" dx="0.6604" dy="2.032" layer="1"/>
<smd name="18" x="-5.08" y="4.9022" dx="0.6604" dy="2.032" layer="1"/>
<smd name="10" x="5.08" y="4.9022" dx="0.6604" dy="2.032" layer="1"/>
<smd name="9" x="5.08" y="-4.9022" dx="0.6604" dy="2.032" layer="1"/>
<text x="-4.191" y="-0.508" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
<text x="-6.096" y="-3.683" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
<rectangle x1="-5.334" y1="-3.8608" x2="-4.826" y2="-3.7338" layer="21"/>
<rectangle x1="-5.334" y1="-5.334" x2="-4.826" y2="-3.8608" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="-4.064" y1="-3.8608" x2="-3.556" y2="-3.7338" layer="21"/>
<rectangle x1="-4.064" y1="-5.334" x2="-3.556" y2="-3.8608" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="-2.794" y1="-3.8608" x2="-2.286" y2="-3.7338" layer="21"/>
<rectangle x1="-2.794" y1="-5.334" x2="-2.286" y2="-3.8608" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="-1.524" y1="-3.8608" x2="-1.016" y2="-3.7338" layer="21"/>
<rectangle x1="-1.524" y1="-5.334" x2="-1.016" y2="-3.8608" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="-0.254" y1="-5.334" x2="0.254" y2="-3.8608" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="-0.254" y1="-3.8608" x2="0.254" y2="-3.7338" layer="21"/>
<rectangle x1="1.016" y1="-3.8608" x2="1.524" y2="-3.7338" layer="21"/>
<rectangle x1="1.016" y1="-5.334" x2="1.524" y2="-3.8608" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="2.286" y1="-3.8608" x2="2.794" y2="-3.7338" layer="21"/>
<rectangle x1="2.286" y1="-5.334" x2="2.794" y2="-3.8608" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="3.556" y1="-3.8608" x2="4.064" y2="-3.7338" layer="21"/>
<rectangle x1="3.556" y1="-5.334" x2="4.064" y2="-3.8608" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="-5.334" y1="3.8608" x2="-4.826" y2="5.334" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="-5.334" y1="3.7338" x2="-4.826" y2="3.8608" layer="21"/>
<rectangle x1="-4.064" y1="3.7338" x2="-3.556" y2="3.8608" layer="21"/>
<rectangle x1="-4.064" y1="3.8608" x2="-3.556" y2="5.334" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="-2.794" y1="3.7338" x2="-2.286" y2="3.8608" layer="21"/>
<rectangle x1="-2.794" y1="3.8608" x2="-2.286" y2="5.334" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="-1.524" y1="3.7338" x2="-1.016" y2="3.8608" layer="21"/>
<rectangle x1="-1.524" y1="3.8608" x2="-1.016" y2="5.334" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="-0.254" y1="3.7338" x2="0.254" y2="3.8608" layer="21"/>
<rectangle x1="-0.254" y1="3.8608" x2="0.254" y2="5.334" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="1.016" y1="3.7338" x2="1.524" y2="3.8608" layer="21"/>
<rectangle x1="1.016" y1="3.8608" x2="1.524" y2="5.334" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="2.286" y1="3.7338" x2="2.794" y2="3.8608" layer="21"/>
<rectangle x1="2.286" y1="3.8608" x2="2.794" y2="5.334" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="3.556" y1="3.7338" x2="4.064" y2="3.8608" layer="21"/>
<rectangle x1="3.556" y1="3.8608" x2="4.064" y2="5.334" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="4.826" y1="3.7338" x2="5.334" y2="3.8608" layer="21"/>
<rectangle x1="4.826" y1="-3.8608" x2="5.334" y2="-3.7338" layer="21"/>
<rectangle x1="4.826" y1="3.8608" x2="5.334" y2="5.334" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="4.826" y1="-5.334" x2="5.334" y2="-3.8608" layer="51"/>
<package name="DIL8">
<wire x1="6.35" y1="8.001" x2="-3.81" y2="8.001" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
......@@ -1894,7 +1934,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<element name="X1" library="con-vg" package="MAC64L" value="MAC64L" x="2.54" y="49.53" rot="R180"/>
<element name="IC1" library="mcp2515_2551_2562" package="DIL18" value="MCP2515-I/P" x="25.4" y="25.4" rot="R90"/>
<element name="IC1" library="mcp2515_2551_2562" package="SO18L" value="MCP2515-I/SO" x="25.4" y="25.4" rot="R90"/>
<element name="J1" library="con-amp" package="555153-1" value="" x="72.39" y="22.86" rot="R90"/>
<element name="U1" library="mcp2515_2551_2562" package="DIL8" value="MCP2562-E/P" x="31.75" y="20.32" rot="R270"/>
<element name="C1" library="rcl" package="C050-024X044" value="100nF" x="38.1" y="11.43" rot="R180"/>
......@@ -1918,7 +1958,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<attribute name="MPN" value="" x="29.21" y="64.77" size="1.778" layer="27" rot="R270" display="off"/>
<attribute name="OC_NEWARK" value="unknown" x="29.21" y="64.77" size="1.778" layer="27" rot="R270" display="off"/>
<element name="IC3" library="mcp2515_2551_2562" package="DIL18" value="MCP2515-I/P" x="44.45" y="55.88" rot="R90"/>
<element name="IC3" library="mcp2515_2551_2562" package="SO18L" value="MCP2515-I/SO" x="44.45" y="55.88" rot="R90"/>
<element name="C6" library="rcl" package="C050-024X044" value="100nF" x="38.1" y="43.18" rot="R270"/>
<element name="R4" library="rcl" package="0204/5" value="4k7" x="35.56" y="45.72" rot="R270"/>
<element name="Q2" library="crystal" package="HC49/S" value="16MHz" x="53.34" y="62.23" rot="R90">
......@@ -1949,7 +1989,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<wire x1="6.35" y1="29.21" x2="16.51" y2="29.21" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<via x="16.51" y="29.21" extent="1-16" drill="0.8" diameter="1.4224"/>
<wire x1="16.51" y1="29.21" x2="16.51" y2="25.4" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="16.51" y1="25.4" x2="21.59" y2="25.4" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="16.51" y1="25.4" x2="20.4978" y2="25.4" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<signal name="SPI_MISO">
<contactref element="X1" pad="A10"/>
......@@ -1958,7 +1998,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<wire x1="6.35" y1="31.75" x2="15.24" y2="31.75" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<via x="15.24" y="31.75" extent="1-16" drill="0.8" diameter="1.4224"/>
<wire x1="15.24" y1="31.75" x2="15.24" y2="22.86" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="15.24" y1="22.86" x2="21.59" y2="22.86" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="15.24" y1="22.86" x2="20.4978" y2="24.13" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<signal name="SPI_SCLK">
<contactref element="X1" pad="A11"/>
......@@ -1967,7 +2007,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<wire x1="6.35" y1="34.29" x2="17.78" y2="34.29" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<via x="17.78" y="34.29" extent="1-16" drill="0.8" diameter="1.4224"/>
<wire x1="17.78" y1="34.29" x2="17.78" y2="27.94" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="17.78" y1="27.94" x2="21.59" y2="27.94" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="17.78" y1="27.94" x2="20.4978" y2="26.67" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<signal name="SPI_CE0">
<contactref element="X1" pad="A12"/>
......@@ -1976,7 +2016,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<wire x1="6.35" y1="36.83" x2="13.97" y2="36.83" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<via x="13.97" y="36.83" extent="1-16" drill="0.8" diameter="1.4224"/>
<wire x1="13.97" y1="36.83" x2="13.97" y2="20.32" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="13.97" y1="20.32" x2="21.59" y2="20.32" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="13.97" y1="20.32" x2="20.4978" y2="22.86" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<signal name="SPI_CE1">
<contactref element="X1" pad="A13"/>
......@@ -2027,7 +2067,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<wire x1="6.35" y1="74.93" x2="19.05" y2="74.93" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<via x="19.05" y="74.93" extent="1-16" drill="0.8" diameter="1.4224"/>
<wire x1="19.05" y1="74.93" x2="19.05" y2="30.48" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="19.05" y1="30.48" x2="21.59" y2="30.48" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="19.05" y1="30.48" x2="20.4978" y2="27.94" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<signal name="+3,3V">
<contactref element="X1" pad="A2"/>
......@@ -2037,7 +2077,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<contactref element="C1" pad="1"/>
<contactref element="C3" pad="1"/>
<contactref element="R1" pad="2"/>
<wire x1="21.59" y1="15.24" x2="19.05" y2="15.24" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="20.4978" y1="20.32" x2="19.05" y2="15.24" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="19.05" y1="15.24" x2="17.78" y2="15.24" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="17.78" y1="15.24" x2="16.51" y2="13.97" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="16.51" y1="13.97" x2="16.51" y2="12.7" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
......@@ -2078,7 +2118,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<contactref element="IC3" pad="18"/>
<contactref element="C6" pad="1"/>
<contactref element="R4" pad="2"/>
<wire x1="40.64" y1="45.72" x2="38.1" y2="45.72" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="39.5478" y1="50.8" x2="38.1" y2="45.72" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="38.1" y1="45.72" x2="36.83" y2="45.72" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="36.83" y1="45.72" x2="35.56" y2="44.45" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="35.56" y1="44.45" x2="35.56" y2="43.18" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
......@@ -2168,7 +2208,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<signal name="TXCAN">
<contactref element="IC1" pad="1"/>
<contactref element="U1" pad="1"/>
<wire x1="29.21" y1="15.24" x2="27.94" y2="15.24" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="30.3022" y1="20.32" x2="27.94" y2="15.24" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="27.94" y1="15.24" x2="27.305" y2="15.875" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="27.305" y1="15.875" x2="27.305" y2="20.955" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="27.305" y1="20.955" x2="27.94" y2="21.59" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
......@@ -2181,7 +2221,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<contactref element="U1" pad="4"/>
<wire x1="33.02" y1="15.24" x2="32.385" y2="15.24" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="32.385" y1="15.24" x2="29.845" y2="17.78" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="29.845" y1="17.78" x2="29.21" y2="17.78" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="29.845" y1="17.78" x2="30.3022" y2="21.59" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<signal name="CANL">
<contactref element="U1" pad="6"/>
......@@ -2238,7 +2278,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<signal name="N$2">
<contactref element="IC1" pad="17"/>
<contactref element="R1" pad="1"/>
<wire x1="21.59" y1="17.78" x2="16.51" y2="17.78" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="20.4978" y1="21.59" x2="16.51" y2="17.78" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<signal name="CANL_2">
<contactref element="J1" pad="8"/>
......@@ -2262,7 +2302,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<contactref element="IC1" pad="8"/>
<contactref element="Q1" pad="2"/>
<contactref element="C4" pad="1"/>
<wire x1="29.21" y1="33.02" x2="33.147" y2="33.02" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="30.3022" y1="29.21" x2="33.147" y2="33.02" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="33.147" y1="33.02" x2="34.29" y2="34.163" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="38.1" y1="34.29" x2="34.417" y2="34.29" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="34.417" y1="34.29" x2="34.29" y2="34.163" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
......@@ -2271,7 +2311,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<contactref element="Q1" pad="1"/>
<contactref element="IC1" pad="7"/>
<contactref element="C5" pad="1"/>
<wire x1="29.21" y1="30.48" x2="33.147" y2="30.48" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="30.3022" y1="27.94" x2="33.147" y2="30.48" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="33.147" y1="30.48" x2="34.29" y2="29.337" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="38.1" y1="29.21" x2="34.417" y2="29.21" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="34.417" y1="29.21" x2="34.29" y2="29.337" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
......@@ -2282,13 +2322,13 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<signal name="N$5">
<contactref element="IC3" pad="17"/>
<contactref element="R4" pad="1"/>
<wire x1="40.64" y1="48.26" x2="35.56" y2="48.26" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="39.5478" y1="52.07" x2="35.56" y2="48.26" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<signal name="N$6">
<contactref element="IC3" pad="8"/>
<contactref element="Q2" pad="2"/>
<contactref element="C7" pad="1"/>
<wire x1="48.26" y1="63.5" x2="52.197" y2="63.5" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="49.3522" y1="59.69" x2="52.197" y2="63.5" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="52.197" y1="63.5" x2="53.34" y2="64.643" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="57.15" y1="64.77" x2="53.467" y2="64.77" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="53.467" y1="64.77" x2="53.34" y2="64.643" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
......@@ -2297,7 +2337,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<contactref element="Q2" pad="1"/>
<contactref element="IC3" pad="7"/>
<contactref element="C8" pad="1"/>
<wire x1="48.26" y1="60.96" x2="52.197" y2="60.96" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="49.3522" y1="58.42" x2="52.197" y2="60.96" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="52.197" y1="60.96" x2="53.34" y2="59.817" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="57.15" y1="59.69" x2="53.467" y2="59.69" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="53.467" y1="59.69" x2="53.34" y2="59.817" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
......@@ -2307,29 +2347,29 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<contactref element="IC3" pad="15"/>
<wire x1="33.02" y1="55.88" x2="35.56" y2="55.88" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="35.56" y1="55.88" x2="38.1" y2="53.34" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="38.1" y1="53.34" x2="40.64" y2="53.34" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="38.1" y1="53.34" x2="39.5478" y2="54.61" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<signal name="AT_SPI_SCK">
<contactref element="IC2" pad="19"/>
<contactref element="IC3" pad="13"/>
<wire x1="33.02" y1="58.42" x2="40.64" y2="58.42" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="33.02" y1="58.42" x2="39.5478" y2="57.15" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<signal name="AT_SPI_MOSI">
<contactref element="IC2" pad="17"/>
<contactref element="IC3" pad="14"/>
<wire x1="33.02" y1="53.34" x2="35.56" y2="53.34" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="35.56" y1="53.34" x2="38.1" y2="55.88" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="38.1" y1="55.88" x2="40.64" y2="55.88" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="38.1" y1="55.88" x2="39.5478" y2="55.88" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<signal name="AT_SPI_CS">
<contactref element="IC2" pad="16"/>
<contactref element="IC3" pad="16"/>
<wire x1="33.02" y1="50.8" x2="40.64" y2="50.8" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="33.02" y1="50.8" x2="39.5478" y2="53.34" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<signal name="AT_TXCAN">
<contactref element="IC3" pad="1"/>
<contactref element="U2" pad="1"/>
<wire x1="48.26" y1="45.72" x2="46.99" y2="45.72" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="49.3522" y1="50.8" x2="46.99" y2="45.72" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="46.99" y1="45.72" x2="46.355" y2="46.355" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="46.355" y1="46.355" x2="46.355" y2="51.435" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="46.355" y1="51.435" x2="46.99" y2="52.07" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
......@@ -2340,7 +2380,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<signal name="AT_RXCAN">
<contactref element="IC3" pad="2"/>
<contactref element="U2" pad="4"/>
<wire x1="48.26" y1="48.26" x2="48.895" y2="48.26" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="49.3522" y1="52.07" x2="48.895" y2="48.26" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="48.895" y1="48.26" x2="51.435" y2="45.72" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<wire x1="51.435" y1="45.72" x2="52.07" y2="45.72" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
......@@ -8615,7 +8615,7 @@ Source: avr.lbr</description>
<part name="FRAME1" library="frames" deviceset="A4L-LOC" device=""/>
<part name="X1" library="con-vg" deviceset="MAC64L" device=""/>
<part name="IC1" library="mcp2515_2551_2562" deviceset="MCP2515" device="-I/P"/>
<part name="IC1" library="mcp2515_2551_2562" deviceset="MCP2515" device="-I/SO" value="MCP2515-I/SO"/>
<part name="J1" library="con-amp" deviceset="555141-1" device=""/>
<part name="U1" library="mcp2515_2551_2562" deviceset="MCP2562" device="-E/P"/>
<part name="C1" library="rcl" deviceset="C-EU" device="050-024X044" value="100nF"/>
......@@ -8630,7 +8630,7 @@ Source: avr.lbr</description>
<part name="C4" library="rcl" deviceset="C-EU" device="050-024X044" value="22pF"/>
<part name="C5" library="rcl" deviceset="C-EU" device="050-024X044" value="22pF"/>
<part name="IC2" library="atmel" deviceset="MEGA8-P" device=""/>
<part name="IC3" library="mcp2515_2551_2562" deviceset="MCP2515" device="-I/P"/>
<part name="IC3" library="mcp2515_2551_2562" deviceset="MCP2515" device="-I/SO" value="MCP2515-I/SO"/>
<part name="C6" library="rcl" deviceset="C-EU" device="050-024X044" value="100nF"/>
<part name="R4" library="rcl" deviceset="R-EU_" device="0204/5" value="4k7"/>
<part name="Q2" library="crystal" deviceset="CRYSTAL" device="HC49S" value="16MHz"/>
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -1984,7 +1984,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<contactref element="R4" pad="1"/>
<wire x1="58.42" y1="43.18" x2="62.23" y2="43.18" width="0.4064" layer="16"/>
<signal name="+5V_1WIRE">
<signal name="!PI_RESET">
<contactref element="X2" pad="C7"/>
<signal name="1WIRE">
......@@ -12630,7 +12630,7 @@ male, 64 pins, block, type C, rows AC, grid 5.08 mm</description>
<wire x1="243.84" y1="43.18" x2="243.84" y2="45.72" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<net name="+5V_1WIRE" class="0">
<net name="!PI_RESET" class="0">
<pinref part="X2" gate="G$1" pin="C7"/>
<wire x1="53.34" y1="73.66" x2="58.42" y2="73.66" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
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